Adopt A Pet Nashville

Our Happy Hearts - Do you know Adopt A Pet Nashville need to know, I adopted Sophie a month after moving to Nashville. She was a rescue that we picked up in the parking lot of an O'Charley's in Lebanon. And just like that, she changed me! Whenever people ask me about whether they should adopt a pet, I say yes just about every time. You don't know love until you adopt a rescue.

Adopt A Pet Nashville

Adopt A Pet Nashville

Happy #FurbabyFriday from 4 month old Available-To-Adopt DREW! Who wants to adopt this happy tail wagger today?

Drew is currently hanging out on his favorite Animal Rescue Aid Pet Bed with a special Nashville Humane Association Wish List donation request: NHA is in need of more Pet Beds from Animal Rescue Aid... Please & Thank You. Here's how you may donate:

Cost is $54.00 for medium and $58.00 for large which includes free shipping. Please go to the Animal Rescue Aid donation page to make your purchase:
Enter the amount you wish to donate and under Allocation & Designation of Donation:
• Select Pet Bed
• Type Nashville Humane Association as the Designated Shelter

Your donation provides a good night’s sleep for the animals at Nashville Humane Association and speaking for all the dogs at NHA, DREW says THANK YOU!

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