Pet Adoption Phoenix

Our Happy Hearts - Do you know Pet Adoption Phoenix need to know, We heard you like puppies. These little ones are available for adoption tomorrow at the Phoenix Pet Expo.

Pet Adoption Phoenix

Pet Adoption Phoenix

When a pet store opened in Camden County, NJ, animal lovers sprang into action and petitioned the county to pass an ordinance banning the sale of animals from puppy mills: "Norman's Law" was named in honor of one of the legislator's own dog, who was adopted from the local shelter. The store is still open, but it changed its mission: it is now rescuing puppies from the street and from shelters.

By contrast, when Phoenix and Chicago passed ordinances banning the retail sale of purposely bred animals, pet stores filed lawsuits. In both cases, a Federal Court ruled against them and it is now illegal for stores in those cities to do so.

These laws were passed based on concerns about the treatment of animals in breeding mills and in order to increase the number of rescued animals in need of homes who find them. It also strikes to the heart of so much animal suffering: their commodification. When there is profit to be made on the backs of animals, history shows that those backs are often strained and broken. It is well past time for pet stores to follow the lead of the newly minted puppy adoption center in NJ.

Photo: Puppies rescued from the street offered for adoption in a U.S. "pet store."

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