Houston Pet Adoption

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Houston Pet Adoption

Houston Pet Adoption

BARC is well over capacity, so it is taking a drastic measure to save the lives of all those animals. It is dropping all adoption fees to just $5 for the next few days.

Review date is still listed as 5/11 in the system. She has an angel looking out for her. she needs YOU to save her! To ensure safety, this animal needs and adoption hold placed by 3:30pm TODAY OR a rescue group to alert the shelter by 4:00pm TODAY that they want to pull!!!!! All rescue groups need fosters to save! If no adoption or rescue hold is placed today the animal is at risk for euthanasia Monday morning.

$150 in donations! Donation link: dotd-petsupport.fasttransact.net

NOTE: This is a Volunteer run page. Status can change from minute to minute. You can also help us by calling the shelter at 281-999-3191 Press 0 and asking shelter staff the updated status. Have Animal ID handy. Please post what you learn in thread below video

I am a female, tan and white Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 5 years old.

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